Reveal News article on our MAP “Eyes On Oakland Project”


Check out this great Reveal article on our “Eyes On Oakland” project:

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MAP “Whats the Big Idea?” Project in Palo Alto Fall 2015


The Mobile Arts Platform is pleased to announce the MAP “Mobile AII (Art and Ideas Incubator)” was selected for the Palo Alto Public Art Master Plan — Artist-led Outreach Project Grant.

For this project MAP artists Peter Foucault and Chris Treggiari will custom build two bicycle trailers that will be pulled behind two battery powered, motorized bicycles that arrive on-site and connect to form a mobile art making and idea generating space. This project will be installed at multiple locations throughout the City of Palo Alto from September- October to directly engage Palo Alto’s intrinsically creative and diverse population through a mobile platform that can be easily deployed and set up in a variety of urban circumstances.

Palo Alto is the unprecedented epicenter of the current revolution in technology and communications. Many of the most successful products and companies today started off as an innovative idea hatched in the living rooms and garages of Silicon Valley. Collaborations have always been an integral part of the big picture matching people with skill sets that can move forward the dream into reality. On the flip side of this picture for every successful idea launched there are numerous failures that fall by the roadside. Through this project we would like to give a chance for everyone’s ideas to be conceptually validated! Mimicking this grass roots to big ideas formula, MAP will design a creative space where people can freely exchange ideas and concepts that they feel will help their fellow mankind. We will be asking people “Whats the Big Idea?”

For more info and locations the MAP AII will pop up at please visit:

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“Eyes On Oakland” interview on KQED

Check out this KQED interview where Chris Treggiari discusses our “Eyes On Oakland” project!

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MAP/CIR “Eyes On Oakland” at the Oakland Museum of California!


In 2015 Mobile Arts Platform (MAP) artists Peter Foucault and Chris Treggiari will collaborate with Aaron McKenzie from the CCA Center for Art and Public Life, and Cole Goins from the Center For Investigative Reporting (CIR) to create Eyes On Oakland. Through the journalistic lens of community surveillance, this participatory research project and resulting social sculpture will investigate ways in which Oakland communities are changing because of new economic pressures being placed on established neighborhood identities.

Eyes On Oakland will be included in the Who Is Oakland exhibition at the Oakland Museum of California from April 11th – mid July 2015 and will feature both an interactive information-sharing site within the museum and a mobile satellite sculpture created by transforming a classic 1963 Ford Falcon van into an information collection/re-presentation space that can engage with the public in Oakland neighborhoods.

By utilizing multiple installation sites we will explore first-hand the most important issues Oakland neighborhoods are facing in the wake of rapid economic and social community changes. Currently Oakland is experiencing rapid gentrification and an exponential rise in cost of living due to the Tech Boom and other contributing factors that are impacting the Bay Area. Many people who work in San Francisco and Silicon Valley can no longer afford to live in these areas and are re-locating to Oakland, displacing many of it’s long time residents.

At the same time, the project will explore the practice of modern journalism, the role of surveillance (and information collection in general) in these communities, and the space iterative, community-focused journalism can occupy in an increasingly digitalized society. By interviewing participants through video, sound and written responses (both at the museum and in neighborhoods throughout Oakland) we will be able to form a qualitative archive of responses that can then be shared back into these communities through on-site video clips, live performances and video projections.

Through this project we want to uncover the issues that are most impacting Oakland’s citizens and collect a variety of experiences and insights to create a community portrait and expanded dialog about the role and expansion of local surveillance. This archive will continue to grow and expand its scope throughout the course of the museum exhibition. Through this project, we want to experiment with new, scalable ways that journalists, artists and local residents can work together to highlight, discuss and act on key issues.

You can follow the project on Twitter at EyesOnOak and find out where the van will be heading to next!

Here is a great article that KQED posted on the project:

In addition Good Magazine posted this article on our project:


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MAP at the Oakland Zoo!

A BIG Thanks to everyone who came out the Oakland Zoo on Saturday October 18th and Sunday November 9th and participated in our MAP pop-up interactive screen printing project. Here are some images from the events!



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MAP at ART DIVISION on Sunday August 3rd!

We had a blast setting up a “Block Party” this Sunday at Art Division in Los Angeles! Lots and lots of participation where people learned how to block and screen print and create their own “Community Alter Ego” identification card.

A huge thanks to Dan Mccleary and his amazing students who were a big help in putting this event together.

623 S. Rampart Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA. 90057

Here are some pics from the event:


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MAP Mobile Vespa Screenprint Cart at Ventura Art Walk Saturday July 16th!

Please stop by and check out the MAP Vespa Screenprint Cart this afternoon at the Ventura Art Walk. A Huge Thanks to Ventura artist Pete Ippel who will be operating the cart over the weekend and presenting original screenprints by local artists!

WAV – Working Artists Ventura – is a state-of-the-art artist community, designed for artists and creative businesses. Located in the Historic Downtown Ventura.

Working Artists Ventura is the home and workspace for over 80 artists from around the world. There are painters, photographers, sculptors, musicians, writers, film makers, dancers and more.

General Information

175 S. Ventura Avenue, Ventura, CA 93001


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