MAP Installations at Zero1 “AbsoluteZero”and “GreenPrix” festival

Thank you everyone who attended and contributed to our installations at Zero1’s “AbsoluteZero” and the Greenprix parade and festival on Sept. 17-18th in San Jose. The events were a tremendous success and we had a wonderful time!

On Friday at “AbsoluteZero” MAP featured an interactive sound/video collaboration between Jonathan Grover and Peter Foucault. In this piece Grovers “sound sculptures” communicated with Foucault’s “drawing robots” to create a series of large-scale compositions that were influenced by viewer participation. A musical project curated by Steve Adams, from the internationally recognized band ALO, played an amazing set and also created a drawing based on their sound composition.

On Saturday MAP towed Chris Treggiaris “Mobile Store” in the GreenPrix parade, then opened up the MAP space, which featured an interactive piece titled the “Seed-Xchange”, where the public was invited to plant and take home a California Poppy seed which will grow and be photographed for an upcoming project. MAP also hosted the “MAP Micro-Biennale” which showcased small scale artworks by 01sj artists Robin Lasser, Jed Berk, Scott Kildall and Victoria Scott, Misako Ianoka, Karrie Hovey, Christopher Locke and Marguerite Perret.

A large-scale mural created in collaboration with the talented kids at the Washington United Youth Center on the theme “Build Your Own World” was displayed on the side of the MAP space for both days events!

Here are some images:

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