“Pop-Up Wrap-Up” article in the SF Weekly!

Here is an article about our upcoming exhibition that appeared in the SF Weekly:

Pop-Up Art Fun: The Traveling Mobile Arts Platform Hits SOMArts This Sunday

By Jolene Torr Fri., Aug. 12 2011 at 9:30 AM

When art comes into a public space, it’s got to be accessible, right? And if its creators hope to invigorate a community, the experience has to operate at multiple scales, from the intimate to the universal. All this is understood by the people behind the Mobile Arts Platform (MAP), a traveling communal art space that for the past year has rolled up to neighborhood street festivals to bring art to the people, pop-up style.

(Look for it at SOMArts this Sunday afternoon from one to five p.m.)

MAP specializes in alternative ways to experience art in everyday life. Two interactive sculptures — conceived and transported by artists Peter Foucault and Chris Treggiari — are brought to festivals and the streets outside of galleries.

Shannon Foshe

“It is our goal to inspire the passive viewer to become an active participant,” Foucault says. “By offering interactive projects, we invite the viewer to roll up his/her sleeves and take part in the making of an object.” At some of the neighborhood festivals, Foucault and Treggiari commissioned instructors to teach a craft, such as origami or creating stencils, and for the Potrero Festival, MAP partnered with The ‘Nabe, the Potrero Neighborhood House, to reach out to people in the community to star in a talent show.

The basic activities and parameters of each event in the MAP series are conceived beforehand, but most of the artwork is created on-site by the public. During last month’s event at the Precita Eyes Urban Youth Festival in La Raza Park, Foucault and Treggiari popped up a mobile stencil station where people created three-layer stenciled poster of the city’s skyline. “People loved the piece,” says Foucault. “It was amazing to see four-year-olds and eighty-year-olds from every imaginable background working side-by-side to spay paint in stencils.”

Locals are both the input and the output, making MAP a self-reinforcing platform, one that explores and expands what both art and community can be.

This Sunday marks the final event in the MAP series, the Pop-Up Wrap-Up at SOMArts for a one-day only exhibition. Part retr, tective of MAP’s past year and part live art making, there will be a stenciling station by artist James Gregg, a work from Precita Eyes muralist Miranda Bergman, a ready-made picketing project, and a reading of haiku submitted by the public at the Cherry Blossom festival.

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