MAP installation at Southern Graphics Council events in Oakland!


A huge thanks to everyone who stopped by our MAP pop-up project last Friday (March 28th) in Oakland. This installation happened in conjunction with satellite programming surrounding the Southern Graphics Council which took place in the Bay Area this year.

We had a blast meeting people from around the country! Here is a link to a Flicker page where you can view images of peoples responses to the interactive postcard and poster project we had set up:



1167 65th St, Oakland, CA 94608
(510) 601-1702


In addition to the MAP installation, this amazing programming will be taking place at Compound Gallery throughout the day:


Art Hazelwood will be all day at the Compound Gallery in Oakland. There is an exhibition in the main gallery called, It’s Alive… four of his students from the San Francisco Art Institute are participating, Moonyoung Sung, Mari Pinotti, Dianna Settles, and Jaymie Johnson

Together with Katya McCulloch Art organized a show of prints in the smaller gallery by inmate artists of the San Quentin Prison Arts Project

In the course of the day 2-4 pm and 6-8 pm The Great Tortilla Conspiracy will be serving edible, topical printed tortillas.

Yeh vs. Hazelwood
In the Battle of the Bay, Art will be engaging in woodcut struggle with renowned conceptualist Imin Yeh.


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