MAP’s “Revisiting the Palos Verdes Project” at the Palos Verdes Library

“Revisiting the Palos Verdes Project” an interactive exhibition developed by the Mobile Arts Platform (MAP) in collaboration with the Palos Verdes Library District (PVLD).  Designed to engage the community in celebrating its rich cultural heritage, the project references Frank Vanderlip’s “Palos Verdes Project” and his dream to create a fashionable and exclusive residential and artist colony on the Palos Verdes peninsula over a hundred years ago.

On Saturday January 16th we will be utilizing our Mobile Vespa Printmaking Cart at the Palos Verdes Library from 2-4pm to do live screen printing and inviting the public to create a free interactive poster that asks what their favorite location in Palos Verdes is and how the area has changed over the years.

A huge thanks to everyone who came out, here are some pics from the event!







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