MAP “Urban Campfire Project” at Montalvo Arts Center 5 Hour sculpture event!


If you only had five hours to present a work of sculpture in a public park, what would you create?

Montalvo asked that question of 60 international artists. We chose the most compelling responses. And this July, we invite the public to enjoy these astonishing projects at a fantastic, free, five-hour arts festival taking place all over our scenic grounds!

Presented for your active amazement, this Pop-Up Arts Festival will feature interactive engagements, temporary installations, participatory happenings, and spectacular intrusions where your voice can be heard.

• Raising a 20-foot pop-up sculpture with Jason Lazarus. Help create this piece at a free Art-Making Workshop with Jason Lazarus July 17.
• Harvesting a field of whirling California Poppy pinwheels with Karrie Hovey.
• Sharing tall tales around a virtual campfire with Mobile Arts Platform(MAP)’s Peter Foucault and Chris Treggiari.
• Making art in nature with the Art Escapists—including a giant hammock-like structure made from colored cord by Shawn HibmaCronan and impromptu site-specific sound installations with opera singer Zoltan DiBartolo and singer-songwriter Terese Taylor.
• Attending an animal-led political parade by Sasha Petrenko.
• Engaging in a living dance enactment of the Fibonacci Sequence with the Natasha Carlitz Dance Ensemble.
• Finding your way through a large-scale labyrinth made from carpet remnants with Paz de la Calzada.
• Witnessing Margaret Kemp in an endurance performance work exploring politics, place, and identity.
• Taking part in a barn-raising-like activity with Matthias Neumann as he installs an architectural structure made from 100 wooden 2x4s.
• Incrementally creating a rock sculpture based on the French lawn game of Pétanque with Mary Ijichi.
• Experiencing a ceremonial act envisioning communion between humankind and nature with Máximo González.

• Making your voice heard at the premiere of Taro Hattori’s installation “Rolling Counterpoint.”
• Exploring multidisciplinary student art produced at Montalvo’s summer camps and an academic year collaboration with Synapse School and Connect Community Charter School.
• Art Escapist Kija Lucas invites you to participate in her ongoing photography project “Objects to Remember You By: An Index of Sentiment.” Please bring one or more objects of sentimental value with you on July 22, share stories about the personal significance of your chosen object with Kija. The object will then be photographed and added to a growing archive.

Plus hands-on art-making, dancing, live music by Real Vocal String Quartet, gourmet food trucks (including Curveball Food TruckKona Ice South San JoseOaxacan Kitchen MobileShark Bait Food Truck, and We Sushi), and more. Fun for all ages. Don’t miss it!

Here are some pics of our MAP “Urban Campfire Stories” installation. A HUGE THANKS to everyone who attended and participated in our interactive project. It was amazing how generous people were in sharing their ideas!









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