MAP installation at Great Wall of Oakland Friday December 2nd

A huge thanks to everyone who stopped by our Map installation “On the Road” at the Great Wall of Oakland! Here are some pics and info on our collaboration with the Great Wall. This project is made possible through a generous grant from the Watts Family Foundation.





In 2016-2017 the Mobile Arts Platform (Artists Peter Foucault and Chris Treggiari)) is collaborating with Great Wall of Oakland (GWO) and Bay Area artist, curator and educator Victoria Heilweil to create On the Road, a project that invites Oakland residents to share their voice on topics about and related to resident migrations currently happening in Oakland.

This migration takes many forms, from long term residents being displaced from their neighborhoods to new residents filling the void left by these shifts. This project will explore how this current migration of residents affects the identity, culture, education, class disparity, and housing needs, of Oakland. In direct response to rents skyrocketing, new businesses and startups moving in, and many residents being displaced, we will provide a series of daytime/nighttime pop-up events which will map and archive this social migration through mobile nighttime projections and an on-line mapping platform that will be presented in Oakland neighborhoods. This project is made possible in part from a recent grant from the Wattis Family Foundation

First, On the Road will utilize video projections and a mobile video screening unit, along with digital and analog methods to amplify community voices. We will transform a classic 1963 Ford Falcon van into a community engagement tool that will travel throughout Oakland exploring the changes happening in this rapidly evolving city. A key component will be screening large-scale video projections at the Great Wall of Oakland, a 100’x100′ projection space on the side of a building near the intersection of Telegraph and Grand Avenue in Uptown Oakland. This will provide a platform to chart this social change and community voices through free video screenings featuring films by local artists exploring relevant themes. The van will be retrofitted to include a video projector mount on the roof, a portable sound system that folds out from the rear doors, work stations that emerge from the side of the van, and a recording booth created inside for collecting participant interviews and broadcasting the content via a podcast.

These crowd sourced interactions allow us to initiate an inclusive dialog with participants sparking conversations and creating archives based on Oakland’s complicated and changing landscape.

You can also interact with the piece through our online interactive map at:



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