MAP “NASA” performance at Torrance Art Museum on Saturday June 17th



If you are down in SoCal on the weekend of the 17th we invite you to please stop by Torrance Art Museum and check out our most recent NASA (NorCal Artists Seeking America) performance. For our upcoming mission we will be landing at the opening reception of TAM’s  new exhibition “Why Art Matters” from 7pm-9pm, exploring the museum and investigating new frontiers in the art community.

Here are some pics from last weekends performance at Huntington Beach and Irvine, CA.

This project is a collaboration with film makers Bryan and Vita Hewitt and will culminate in a full length feature coming to your galaxy soon!

Star Date 2017, Oakland California, United States of America, Earth.

Artists Peter Foucault and Chris Treggiari are part of a special exploration program called NASA, NorCal Artists Seeking America. Their mission, to seek out information and stories that will help illuminate this post-election county that has been turned on its ear.

In the wake of 2016, a tumultuous year that ended with an acidic election that blindsided the county and the recent tragedy of the Ghost Ship fire that deeply effected their home base of Oakland California, Foucault and Treggiari will travel the country in their customized explorer suits and try and make some sense of where we are today as a divided country.

In a nation they no longer can recognize as a familiar and safe landscape it becomes other-worldly, a surreal and at times hostile place that is fractured by social, economic and politic divisions. They have become foreign cosmonauts in their own backyards.

The mission that they have chosen to accept is to investigate both urban and rural sites and document, collect artifacts, and archive information through this lens of an “outsider/explorer” sent to examine this new and uncharted nation.

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