MAP’s Community Sourced at Pro Arts Gallery Project Space in October

Community Sourced is a multi-media installation documenting the exploration of two Oakland neighborhoods: Santa Fe and Frank Ogawa Plaza. The installation will feature a tiered cityscape that includes video images, photographs, quotes from participants and an interconnecting map.

Content for the micro-portraits of each area are constructed from interactions and interviews with residents and businesses in a 5 block radius, resulting in a live pop-up variety show performed on a custom-built, public stage anchored to a portable flatbed trailer. Using a “hands-on” approach to community engagement, the shows are collaboratively developed with participants from the host neighborhoods. Each episode of the Community Sourced show celebrates the unique stories and talents of the community, connects neighbors, and addresses pertinent issues.

The first community event took place July 2017 in Santa Fe, hosted by Boonation Custom Cycles, a neighborhood bike shop operated by David Boone out of his street level garage.

The second episode will be created during a curatorial lab residency at Pro Arts Gallery, featuring bi-weekly public projects in Frank Ogawa Plaza between 12:00 – 1:30 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays in September.

Inside Pro Arts, both episodes will air; one monitor featuring community members from the Santa Fe district, and the second highlighting individuals from the area surrounding Frank Ogawa Plaza. The second episode will be developing over the course of the exhibition, so be sure to return and see the work progress.  To complement the two video installments, books featuring photographs and stories from each neighborhood will be on view.

Community Sourced is produced in partnership with The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR).

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