Factronauts at LAST Festival, Stanford University

Please join us for the LAST Festival. The Factronauts will be exploring exciting new territory at 6:30pm on Friday March 24th and will have a multi-media installation set up on Saturday March 23rd. We Hope to see you there!


The Life Art Science Technology (LAST) Festival on March 23-24, presented by Stanford University in the futuristic setting of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory to celebrate Frankenstein’s 200th birthday,  will combine a program of science talks and art installations to discuss how technology is changing the nature of humanity and what role Silicon Valley is playing: How far can biomedicine extend life? Can a machine make art? Can we hack consciousness? What will virtual worlds do to our real world?

Speakers include:
Stanford geneticist Michael Snyder;
Stanford nanotech scientist Jennifer Dionne;
Ken Goldberg, founding director of the Center for New Media at UC Berkeley;
Maya Ackerman, who teaches computational creativity at Santa Clara University;
Virtual/Augmented Reality evangelist Melissa Merencillo;
cultural historian and festival founder Piero Scaruffi;
Dave Deamer of UC Santa Cruz, a pioneer of research on the origins of life;
consciousness hacker Mikey Siegel;
UC Berkeley developmental psychologist Alison Gopnik, author of “The Philosophical Baby”;
Burning Man Festival cofounder John Law;
Steve Omohundro of the Institute for Blockchain Studies;
and theoretical neuroscientist Vivienne Ming.

Art installations by:
Amy Karle
Anja Ulfeldt
Tony Assi
Brian Reinbolt
Carlos Castellanos
Daniel Stefanescu
Gary Boodhoo
Jiaqi Zhang/Anton van Beek
Jonathon Keats
Kal Spelletich
Kathleen Deck
Lucy Solomon
Melanie Piech
Pantea Karimi
Peter Foucault/Chris Treggiari/Vita and Bryan Hewitt
Purin Phanichphant
Raphael Arar
Raul Altosaar
Scott Kildall
Steve Durie
Alexander Reben

Artists are from Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto and as far away as the Netherlands and Germany.
Curated by digital media art pioneer Joel Slayton.

Full program/schedule: http://www.lastfestival.org
Free tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/5th-life-art-science-tech-last-festival-tickets-42748838928

Plenty of parking at SLAC.
You need to bring your ticket and a photo id to enter premises.

Sponsored by:
Medicine and the Muse, GES International Culture Exchange, China Thinkers Bureau, Stanford Continuing Studies, Office of the Vice President for the Arts, Office of Science Outreach, Dean of Engineering, Dean of Humanities & Sciences, Dean of Medicine, Dean of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences

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