MAP’s Community Sourced at Pro Arts Gallery Project Space in October

Community Sourced is a multi-media installation documenting the exploration of two Oakland neighborhoods: Santa Fe and Frank Ogawa Plaza. The installation will feature a tiered cityscape that includes video images, photographs, quotes from participants and an interconnecting map.

Content for the micro-portraits of each area are constructed from interactions and interviews with residents and businesses in a 5 block radius, resulting in a live pop-up variety show performed on a custom-built, public stage anchored to a portable flatbed trailer. Using a “hands-on” approach to community engagement, the shows are collaboratively developed with participants from the host neighborhoods. Each episode of the Community Sourced show celebrates the unique stories and talents of the community, connects neighbors, and addresses pertinent issues.

The first community event took place July 2017 in Santa Fe, hosted by Boonation Custom Cycles, a neighborhood bike shop operated by David Boone out of his street level garage.

The second episode will be created during a curatorial lab residency at Pro Arts Gallery, featuring bi-weekly public projects in Frank Ogawa Plaza between 12:00 – 1:30 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays in September.

Inside Pro Arts, both episodes will air; one monitor featuring community members from the Santa Fe district, and the second highlighting individuals from the area surrounding Frank Ogawa Plaza. The second episode will be developing over the course of the exhibition, so be sure to return and see the work progress.  To complement the two video installments, books featuring photographs and stories from each neighborhood will be on view.

Community Sourced is produced in partnership with The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR).

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MAP Artist Residency at Pro Arts Gallery in September

Artists Peter Foucault and Chris Treggiari (Mobile Arts Platform) in collaboration with photographer Victoria Mara Heilweil have begun their Studio Lab Residency at Pro Arts.

For their residency, they will be researching and producing the second episode of “Community Sourced,” which will feature a micro-portrait of the downtown Oakland neighborhood sourced from interviews and interactions with residents and businesses within a 5 block radius. Their initial outreach and scheduled interviews include Luan Stauss, the owner of Laurel Books; Annalee Allen, an Oakland historian; Jennifer Easton and Barbara Goldstein, talking about the BART art master plan; and the African American Museum and Archives on 14th Street. Each episode will result in a video and accompanying book, which will be exhibited at Pro Arts’ Project Space in October.

You can find Foucault, Treggiari and Heilweil conducting research, interviews and public engagements on Frank Ogawa plaza from 11:00am – 1:00pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays in September.  If you would like to be interviewed, please email to set up an appointment.

Pro Arts is located in Downtown Oakland on the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, directly across from City Hall.

Address: Pro Arts, 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland CA 94612

Gallery Hours:

Tuesday – Friday: 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Special Events Weekends (visit )

All Exhibitions are FREE and Open to the Public.


Phone: (510) 763-4361 | Email:

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Join us for MAP’s Community Sourced on Saturday July 8th!

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Documentation from Saturdays performance at Torrance Art Museum

A huge thanks to everyone who stopped by TAM on Saturday night to check out our latest Factronaut performance. The mission was a huge success, here are some images of our exploration/collection process in action!

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MAP “NASA” performance at Torrance Art Museum on Saturday June 17th



If you are down in SoCal on the weekend of the 17th we invite you to please stop by Torrance Art Museum and check out our most recent NASA (NorCal Artists Seeking America) performance. For our upcoming mission we will be landing at the opening reception of TAM’s  new exhibition “Why Art Matters” from 7pm-9pm, exploring the museum and investigating new frontiers in the art community.

Here are some pics from last weekends performance at Huntington Beach and Irvine, CA.

This project is a collaboration with film makers Bryan and Vita Hewitt and will culminate in a full length feature coming to your galaxy soon!

Star Date 2017, Oakland California, United States of America, Earth.

Artists Peter Foucault and Chris Treggiari are part of a special exploration program called NASA, NorCal Artists Seeking America. Their mission, to seek out information and stories that will help illuminate this post-election county that has been turned on its ear.

In the wake of 2016, a tumultuous year that ended with an acidic election that blindsided the county and the recent tragedy of the Ghost Ship fire that deeply effected their home base of Oakland California, Foucault and Treggiari will travel the country in their customized explorer suits and try and make some sense of where we are today as a divided country.

In a nation they no longer can recognize as a familiar and safe landscape it becomes other-worldly, a surreal and at times hostile place that is fractured by social, economic and politic divisions. They have become foreign cosmonauts in their own backyards.

The mission that they have chosen to accept is to investigate both urban and rural sites and document, collect artifacts, and archive information through this lens of an “outsider/explorer” sent to examine this new and uncharted nation.

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MAP video piece at Orange County Center for Contemporary Art


I invite you to check out “The Art of Protest” at the OCCCA. Chris and I have a collaborative video piece (with film maker Bryan Hewitt) titled the Citizens Inauguration: Performance II included in the show. Please stop by and check it out if you are in the area. The exhibition will be up from June 3rd – July 8th with a second artist reception on July 1st from 6-10pm.

Here is a link where you can view our piece “Citizens Inauguration: Performance II”:

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MAP “On the Road” at Great Wall of Oakland Friday March 3rd

A huge thanks to everyone who stopped by our “On The Road” installation at Friday nights Oakland Art Murmur!

A HUGE Thanks also to everyone who participated in our panel discussion and to the talented filmmakers who’s work was featured that evening!

In 2016-2017 the Mobile Arts Platform (Artists Peter Foucault and Chris Treggiari)) is collaborating with Great Wall of Oakland (GWO) and Bay Area artist, curator and educator Victoria Heilweil to create On the Road, a project that invites Oakland residents to share their voice on topics about and related to resident migrations currently happening in Oakland.

This migration takes many forms, from long term residents being displaced from their neighborhoods to new residents filling the void left by these shifts. This project will explore how this current migration of residents affects the identity, culture, education, class disparity, and housing needs, of Oakland. In direct response to rents skyrocketing, new businesses and startups moving in, and many residents being displaced, we will provide a series of daytime/nighttime pop-up events which will map and archive this social migration through mobile nighttime projections and an on-line mapping platform that will be presented in Oakland neighborhoods. This project is made possible in part from a recent grant from the Wattis Family Foundation

Films we  screened on Friday March 3rd:

2044 International Blvd.

(dir. Ariel Appel)

A group of tenants living in an apartment building in the San Antonio district of East Oakland organize themselves to fight against the real and persistent threats…

The Fifty Four

(dir. Richard Koci Hernandez)

I gave myself 54 Days to shot 54 images on my daily ride on the 54 bus in Oakland. Everything was produced using my iPhone, images, music and titles. I used these …

Riding Through Oakland with the Original Scraper Bike Team

(dir. Great Big Story)

Tyrone Stevenson, better known as Baybe Champ, is East Oakland’s Scraper Bike King. Back in 2007, he and his cousin Avery Pittman started the Original Scraper Bike.

Alex Cruse: Prelinger Archives/Lost Landscapes of Oakland

Participants in our panel discussion on our new Mobile Trailer at 7pm:

  • Anti-Eviction Mapping Project: Teresa Salazar, will be speaking about this project
  • Alex Cruse will be speaking from Prelinger Archives/Lost Landscapes of Oakland

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